October Begins the Performance Subaru Turn It Pink Campaign in Chapel Hill


Tomorrow is the start of October, and the start of National Cancer Awareness Month.

Subaru's slogan--"Love: It's What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru"--is more than just a slogan. It's a lifestyle, a passion, and a commitment. And it's why the team at Performance Subaru is so excited and proud to host our annual Turn It Pink Campaign to support the research of breast cancer and treatment.

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Why Your Subaru Needs Regular Maintenance to Stay Sharp

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Though Subaru does boast a solid reputation for reliability and durability, every model is still a class-leading, intelligent, complicated piece of machinery, and even the most solidly-built vehicle still needs routine maintenance.

Our Subaru service menu online is here to help drivers from Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Hillsborough, and Durham drivers stay on track, and keep their Impreza, Forester, Outback, or WRX looking and running like new.

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Evolve With Us To Hendrick Southpoint

Wow!  Did you know Performance Subaru has called the Chapel Hill community home since 1985, and in that time, Performance has been the local resource for Subaru clients?  In that time, Performance Subaru has grown from 100 employees to 330 employees and their automotive sales increased from 150 to 175 cars per month to a whopping 400, plus cars per month.  So, what do you do when your business has under gone such tremendous success and growth?  You evolve by planning for the future with rewarding customers and employees with new state-of-the-art facilities...

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Subaru Rakes Up Awards from Kelley Blue Book for 2017

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It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone in Chapel Hill that Subaru performs well when automotive industry critics publish their "best of" award lists.

What might surprise you, though, is just how many Subaru awards were doled out by just one company.

It seems that Kelley Blue Book--an industry leader in car value research and knowledge sharing--is pretty impressed with the new Subaru lineup.

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We Will Never Forget

Where were you?

 On this infamous and historic day, many of us have spent the day telling stories or reflecting on where we were and what we were doing during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

 I can remember September 11, 2001 in detail. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast yesterday or my best friend’s birthday, but I will never forget September 11, 2001.

 I was in Houston, Texas for business training with the general manager and the  general sales manager [GSM]. We were learning how to create and implement a call center to provide sales and…

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